4 reasons you should be using social media in recruitment drives

4 reasons you should be using social media in recruitment drives

In 2017, the vast majority of adults are on social media and it’s becoming an incredibly powerful tool to reach an audience for all sorts of things, especially, as it turns out, recruitment.

Using a recruitment agency that recruits through social media in addition more traditional methods can help you to take advantage of a huge amount of benefits this new medium has to offer. Here are just four:

1. Passive candidates

Social media is an incredibly effective way to reach all of the potential candidates for your role. At any given time, an estimated 75% of potential candidates aren’t actively searching for a new role, but they would apply for one they are interested in should they see it. Based on statistics from iCIMS [https://www.icims.com/resources/whitepaper/scaling-up-social-recruiting], posting a job vacancy on social media can result in a 30%-50% increase in applications.

2. Transparency

The benefit of increased transparency works both ways. When you have an active social media presence, potential candidates are able to get more of an idea about the company they would be applying to work with. This, of course, reduces the amount of applications you may receive where the candidate changes their minds if they decide the position or company isn’t for them.

Social media transparency also offers huge benefits to recruiters in a similar sense. Candidate’s social media profiles, whether they are on Facebook or LinkedIn, give an honest view into a candidate’s personality and habits to help recruiters determine whether or not they may be suitable for a role.

3. Cost-efficient

The return on investment that can be achieved from advertising on social media can be immense. Not only can you benefit from paid advertising on social media, but you can also greatly benefit from the agency, your corporate accounts and your existing staff sharing the posts to help you reach more people.

4. Fast responses

Information on the internet, especially on social media, can travel incredibly quickly. A job that is posted by an agency, shared by a corporate account and then shared by existing employees across various social media platforms can circulate incredibly fast. Not only can this reach a large audience in a very short space of time, it also allows candidates to interact with the listing in a much easier and less formal way, meaning vacancies can be filled faster.


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