The benefits of heading back to office work

by Darren Peck

The benefits of heading back to office work

For anyone who has worked from home for a while, there will potentially be a point in time when an exciting office-based role comes along. In most circumstances, this will include stepping back into the office. Whilst this can prove to be incredibly daunting at first, as well as the fact you’ll have to come to terms with not being able to work in your PJs, there are a number of benefits to be enjoyed.

Regimented working hours

You don’t really appreciate the joy of being able to clock off at 5.30 every day until you’ve been working from home for a while. With most office jobs having working hours that staff adhere to, you may discover you suddenly have a wealth of free time. This can make all the difference if you have a young family, especially if you struggle to make a distinction between regular work hours and after hours when working at home. Whilst many people associate working in an office with a poor work-life balance, it can actually provide you with the opposite.

Fellow staff

Don’t get us wrong - it can be fun getting to know the postman. After a month or two, however, the excitement is bound to wear off. Getting to know people is one of the great joys of working in an office, even if you just chat about what you got up to the night before, or discuss your favourite TV series. Most people who work from home don’t get to experience anything like that, which can be quite isolating, especially if you’re a people person.


The office environment can be great for new ideas and creativity. Just being able to share your ideas and discuss them with your fellow employees can be priceless. Discussion alone can lead to the development of an idea which could in turn promote business growth, for which you’ll no doubt be handsomely rewarded. So, if you’re a creative person and feel that your ideas don’t really develop or get off the ground in a home office, it could be worth sending your CV to a recruitment agency just to get a feel of what’s out there for you.

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