Why you need a work/life balance

by Darren Peck

Why you need a work/life balance

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, the pressure to work hard and succeed is stronger than ever. Finding the time to unwind from work can seem impossible, but is a crucial aspect of striking a healthy work/life balance. We all want to do well at work from retaining staff to interviewing new candidates and growing business. The pressures are present at home too, with housework, cooking meals, spending time with family and paying bills. Working too hard for too long will inevitably impact on both your professional and personal life. So, what can you do to change it?

How to make a change

1. Prioritise

Work out what’s important to you outside of work. It could be spending time with children, finding time to play football or simply reading a new book. Make time for at least one key factor, even if you must put it in your diary. Having something to look forward after work can make the day easier.

2. Say no

Taking on more than our fair share of responsibility may seem the right thing to do. Additional pressure will only cause stress in the long-run. Don’t be afraid to say no to something if you don’t have time. Being able to recognise your capabilities isn’t failure. It’s just good time management.

3. Switch off

Your finger hovers over the lock screen. Work emails are piling up in your inbox. But the dog needs to go for a walk. When you’re away from work, make sure you’re disconnected. Turn off email notifications, set an out of office. Relax and unwind. You can answer the emails when you return to work.

4. Encourage others

You may already have a great balance, but what if your colleagues or employees are struggling? Recognising this can be key to retaining a happy workforce. Try to give staff space to enjoy free time, offer flexible working so parents can attend notable events. If you’re happy, help your staff towards happiness. A content and rested workforce will result in improved productivity. A great result for everyone!


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