Two top tips to stop your staff jumping ship

by Darren Peck

Two top tips to stop your staff jumping ship

Retaining staff is a goal of every successful organisation. If you’ve put the correct time and process into hiring brilliant employees, you’ll want to ensure you do everything you can to retain them within your business. Staff who feel happy and fulfilled at work are more likely to stay and work productively and efficiently within your business, helping you to achieve your company’s objectives and grow. It’s far more cost effective to invest in the staff you already have, to make your workplace an environment they want to stay and develop in, than to be constantly looking to replace staff who have chosen to leave. So how do you improve your staff retention rates? We’ve listed out some of our top tips below, to help you keep hold of your best employees, and make your company appear as attractive as possible for when you’re looking to recruit.

Be clear about success

Satisfied, fulfilled employees are very clear about what’s expected from them each day in work. By constantly changing the expectations placed upon your employees, you will make people feel insecure and uncertain as to whether they’re performing as the company expects them to. By being clear about the expectation placed on each employee, you will be motivating them to feel part of the company’s growth plans - helping them to understand the very important role they have to play - regardless of their role in the business.

Empower your team

By giving responsibility to your team, you’ll be encouraging each employee to take responsibility for their role within the company and ultimately their own career. Empowering people encourages accountability - which means you give people a safe space in which they know they can make mistakes if they are working towards the objectives set out for them by the company. Encouraging each employee to set a goal each quarter, 6 months or year to work on - something they wish to achieve in work, which is outside of their contracted requirements - will help them to personally feel a sense of achievement for each day they’re at work. The most engaged staff will use this as a way to propel their careers, whilst increasing the loyalty they feel towards your business for encouraging them to aim for their own career goals.

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