How to make yourself the best job candidate

by Darren Peck

How to make yourself the best job candidate

Before even being selected for an interview, there are a number of things that can be done to make yourself appear like the best candidate out there for a job.

The power of LinkedIn:

More and more people are being discovered as good candidates through their LinkedIn profile. Firstly, ensure that your photograph looks professional as recruiters will be drawn to this.

Your LinkedIn profile should feature a clear explanation of what your current role is and the responsibilities it entails. Don’t pad it out with jargon as potential employers skim through profiles quickly and won’t read large blocks of text.

By the time you are ready to move on to a different place of employment, if your LinkedIn profile holds you up in a positive light, the chances are that you may have already been noticed by recruiters.

Never under-estimate the importance of your CV:

The importance of having a concise, well laid-out CV will never go out of fashion. Prospective employers don’t want to know what you had for breakfast, so only include relevant information like education, employment history, successes and achievements.

If you have won any awards that might set you apart from other candidates, include the details in your CV.

Play it safe:

One area that could cause problems for a job application is your social media presence.

Stories of people losing out on opportunities because their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page depicts them in unfavourable situations are becoming more prevalent.

Look through all of your social media posts and delete anything that doesn’t reflect well on you.

Know your stuff:

If you have reached the interview stage, learn everything there is to know about the company, research the people you will be meeting and the senior people in the business. However confident or senior you are, prepare a list of five to ten questions to ask the interviewers.

If you’re applying for an advertised position, don’t just send a CV by itself. Attach a cover letter which explains why you are the best candidate for the role and what you will bring to the business.

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